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Russian Sputnik V manufacturer addressed WHO complaints, Kremlin says

The manufacturer of the Sputnik V vaccine in Russia has addressed the complaints voiced by the World Health Organization in terms of complying with technical requirements on producing COVID-19 vaccines, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday.

In fact, there were some complaints of the inspection team. As far as we know, they have been taken into account, and everything that needed to be remedied, has been remedied, Peskov said.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin spokesman emphasized that respective Russian agencies carry out the toughest control over complying with all requirements for producing COVID-19 vaccines. “Certainly, this is the toughest control,” Peskov assured.

Earlier on Wednesday, the WHO published a report after the inspections carried out at four pharmaceutical enterprises, where the vaccine production was launched, and voiced concerns over one contractor. The experts published their preliminary conclusions on the organization’s website.

The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Health Ministry, and the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare said earlier the multi-step system of controlling the quality of manufactured drugs rules out the risk that consumers could receive a batch, which fails to comply with the requirements.


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