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The Medsintez Plant has launched a full-cycle production of hypoglycemic drugs for treating type II diabetes mellitus

In 2023, the Medsintez Plant, in collaboration with the Promomed Group of Companies, launched the production of a full cycle of hypoglycemic drugs Enligria (liraglutide) and Quincenta (semaglutide) used in treating type II diabetes mellitus, including in patients with obesity and overweight or cardiovascular disease. The preparations are available in the most convenient and familiar for patients dosage form – a disposable prefilled injection and have already been supplied to pharmacies.

The release of domestic preparations of the “glutide” group (glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1)) will make it possible to bridge the shortage of similar drugs that arose in the country back in 2022, associated with the cessation of supplies from foreign manufacturers The incidence of type II diabetes today is currently 90% of the total number of diabetic patients. The production capacity of the Medsintez Plant can meet 100% of Russia’s demand for these drugs.

Liraglutide is one of the strongest stimulators of insulin production, which allows achieving stable control of blood sugar levels. The preparation also slows down digestion, which helps avoid sudden spikes in sugar after meals. Thanks to this, patients suffering from diabetes can achieve stable blood sugar control and improve their quality of life.

Enligria is a liraglutide produced by chemical synthesis, which is 97% homologous in amino acid composition to human GLP-1, is resistant to destruction, and therefore has long plasma elimination half-life T½ = 13 hours, which makes it possible to use it once a day. Using the preparation leads to a more significant effect on the center of hunger and satiety, which allows one to reduce weight by increasing the feeling of satiety, reducing the feeling of hunger and the expected volume of food consumption.

Studies have shown that liraglutide 3 mg has an optimal efficacy and safety profile for the treatment of obesity, which is confirmed by data from randomized clinical trials and studies of real clinical practice.

Quincenta is a semaglutide produced by chemical synthesis, which shares a 94 % structural homology with the amino acid sequence of native human GLP-1. Unlike human GLP-1, the long half-life of semaglutide (about 1 week) allows it to be administered subcutaneously once a week. The preparation can be called the gold standard for the treatment of diabetes. Importantly, this breakthrough therapy is now available to all patients who need it. Quincenta is used for treating type II diabetes mellitus, including in patients with obesity and overweight or cardiovascular diseases.

Domestic preparations of GPP-1 agonists expand the toolkit for physicians and make effective therapy and prevention of a number of socially significant diseases accessible and personalized for every patient in Russia, regardless of gender, age and comorbidities.

The preparations are available in Russian pharmacies.


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