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Binnopharm Group Launched New Suppository Line at the Binnopharm Manufacturing Site in Zelenograd

As part of its manufacturing sites modernization program, Binnopharm Group, a leading Russian pharmaceutical company, has launched a new suppository production line at the Binnopharm...

GMP-inspections of veterinary manufacturers in the first qarter of 2024

The quarterly review provides information on the inspection of manufacturers of veterinary medicines for compliance with the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)...

The Medsintez Plant has launched a full-cycle production of hypoglycemic drugs for treating type II diabetes mellitus

In 2023, the Medsintez Plant, in collaboration with the Promomed Group of Companies, launched the production of a full cycle of hypoglycemic drugs Enligria (liraglutide) and Quincenta (semaglutide) used in treating type II diabetes mellitus, including in patients with obesity and overweight or cardiovascular disease.

Pharmstandard has reached full capacity for manufacturing Plasma-Derived Coagulation Factor VIII for Haemophilia A treatment

The product was developed as part of the state strategy for increasing the population's life expectancy and quality of life and improving medicine availability.

PROMOMED obtained permission to produce drug product for diabetes mellitus Kvinsenta with semaglutide

The Russian government has published an order authorizing PROMOMED GROUP to use inventions protected by patents of the Danish company Novo Nordisk related to a drug product with semaglutide for the treatment of diabetes mellitus.

GEROPHARM brings back Ozempic® with a new name: Semavic®

To expand on the news about GEROPHARM's release of Semavic®, the company has introduced Semavic® as a domestic analogue to Ozempic®, responding to the cessation of Ozempic® imports from Denmark to Russia.

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