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Russia approves AstraZeneca’s drug for coronavirus prophylaxis

The Russian Ministry of Health approved circulation of Evusheld, a COVID-19 prophylaxis drug by AstraZeneca, on the territory of the country, according to the state register data.

The pharmaceutical is produced in the form of an injectable solution and 3,500 packs will be delivered to Russia, as indicated in the register.

AstraZeneca received the relevant authorization from the Russian Ministry of Health on January 24, the company’s press service told TASS.

The company said:

On January 24, 2022, AstraZeneca received a permit for import of the first lot of the pharmaceutical made on the basis of a monoclonal antibodies combination for COVID-19 prophylaxis in the pandemic environment, in full compliance with provisions and regulations stipulated by Decree of the Russian Government No. 441 of April 03, 2020. We are happy that the pharmaceutical will be available for Russian patients and help to combat COVID-19.


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