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Research Center of Mendeleev University and Ferring will develop innovative pharmaceuticals for Russia

In the  Russian Chemical Technical University named after DI. Mendeleev Institute of Development “Ferring Russia” was opened. The main task of this research center is to create the most popular drugs for the Russian market.

In the RCTU them. DI. Mendeleev, the grand opening of the Ferring Russia Development Institute (IRFR) took place. On this occasion, an official congratulation was received from Christine Marty Lang, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Switzerland to the Russian Federation.

The research center of the university will be engaged in the development of new drugs for Russia with improved characteristics of safety and bioavailability profiles, increased stability and ease of use. First of all, they will be innovative pharmaceuticals for women’s health, reproductive medicine, neurology and immunology.

Ilya Vorotyntsev, The acting. rector of the Russian Chemical Technical University named after DI. Mendeleeva

The results of the work of the Ferring Russia Research Institute will make it possible to make a colossal contribution to science and globally improve the quality of life of the population. I would like to note that today this is the first and unique collaboration for Russia between a domestic academic institution and a foreign pharmaceutical company. It is especially significant that the opening of the scientific department takes place in the Year of Science and Technology.

The Ferring Russia R&D Institute was established under the Joint Research Agreement signed by Mendeleev University and Ferring on December 19, 2018. The strategic management of the new unit is carried out by a coordinating committee consisting of representatives of the RCTU and Ferring. Two co-directors were appointed as operational heads of the IRFR: from the Russian Chemical Technical University named after DI. Mendeleeva Natalia Menshutina, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Swiss Academy of Sciences, from Ferring Yulia Vlasenko. Also Daria Lovskaya, Ph.D., was appointed head of the pharmaceutical development department, and Evgeny Lebedev, Ph.D., head of the quality control department.

Six laboratory rooms are equipped with modern equipment for research and testing of drugs. In addition to research in the field of pharmaceutical developments, the institute will carry out scientific and educational activities, acquaint Mendeleevs with the best world practices in the field of pharmacy.

Frederic Paulsen, Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ferring:

With a highly educated, skilled and creative pharmaceutical workforce in Russia, there is an excellent foundation for creating innovative products and meeting patient needs in key therapeutic areas. With the opening of the IRFR research center, a new chapter opens up for us, new opportunities appear.

The IRFR is currently developing six experimental products, including in the area of ​​reproductive health.

Alan Harris, President of Global Development and Lifecycle Management at Ferring:

With the opening of the IRFM, we also note the continuation of Ferring’s plans to develop and commercialize a number of our medical products for Russia, and emphasize that they are being created in Russia. Ferring has always encouraged the ability to meet the needs of the local market and patients through in-country product development. This model, which is used in our divisions around the world, indeed often gives excellent results.

The creation of modern laboratories is not only a real contribution to import substitution, but also assistance in solving problems defined by the national project “Health”, the participants of the event noted.

Arne Tamm, General Director of Ferring Production LLC:

Ferring ‘s mission is to contribute to a better life for people, and we invest a lot of money and effort to make it happen. For the first time, a foreign Swiss pharmaceutical company is implementing a joint project in the field of creating new drugs on the basis of a Russian university. And we are already getting visible results, indicating that this cooperation is fruitful and will lead to outstanding products that we and our patients will be able to see in just a few years.


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