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M. Smagin: a competent system of joint planning of drugs procurements by the government and pharmaceutical business will eliminate possible shortages

In his speech at the «360 degree Pharmaceutical Supply» conference, Maxim Smagin, General Director of Promomed Group said:

The domestic health care system has all the necessary mechanisms and capabilities for long-term planning of procurements and the formation of stocks of medicines, which will allow companies to systematically organize production and guarantee uninterrupted availability of medicines for patients.

According to the speaker, this is especially important during the pandemic, when pharmaceutical enterprises are maximally engaged in the production of anti-COVID drugs, while the need for medicines for other nosologies remains high, among all due to coronavirus infection complications.

In addition, the speaker raised the issue of approval and launch of new drugs on the market.

Under the pandemic circumstances, the Decree No. 441 of the Russian Government allowed to quickly develop and launch drugs to fight COVID-19. But I propose not to forget about other pathologies – cancer, endocrinological and cardiovascular diseases, where companies also have important good developments, but their approval cycle will take a lot of time under the current federal law. I beleive that it is necessary to think about the possibility of extending this decree to the original drugs or life-threatening nosologies. Practice has shown that this mechanism works and is very effective.


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