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Association of Young Nephrologists founded

This year’s World Congress of Nephrology, WCN’22, has taken place in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Reports from Russian experts were presented in the section Raising the Curtain.

According to Nikolay Bulanov, Associate Professor of the Department of Internal, Occupational Diseases, and Rheumatology at Sechenov University, it was decided to launch the Association of Young Nephrologists of Russia and the States of the Former Soviet Republics under the guidance of the Russian Dialysis Society.

In the region that encompasses 11 countries, there are problems with providing the people with highly qualified nephrological care, and young nephrologists face a shortage of educational resources.

Nikolay Bulanov said:

The purpose of this Association is to bring together specialists under the age of 40 who are involved in research, prevention, and treatment of kidney diseases and provide new opportunities for their professional growth and development. The initiative is aimed, among other things, at the integration of young doctors into major projects and improvement of international relations and cooperation.

The members of the organisation will have preferential conditions for joining the Russian Dialysis Society. They will also receive a subscription to the Scopus-indexed journal Nephrology and Dialysis, a specialised section of young nephrologists at the congresses of the Russian Dialysis Society, and access to the educational resources of the organisation.


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