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Pharmaceuticals have dangerously polluted the world’s rivers, scientists warn

One in four of the world’s rivers are polluted with potentially toxic levels of pharma compounds, according to a new study form University of...

Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation M. Reshetnikov took part in the launch of a production line at the Biokhimik plant of...

Maxim Reshetnikov visited the Biokhimik plant as part of acquaintance with the participants of the national project «Increasing labor productivity and supporting employment» which...

The launch of R&D centre at BratskChemSyntez LLC

The R&D centre is tasked to optimise its substance manufacturing process and develop new unique molecules. The complex has modern and high-precision equipment that allows...

Grindeks invests 800 thousand euros in the creation of a multifunctional site

Joint-stock company “Grindeks” has invested 800 thousand euros in the site of production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and installed new, state-of-the-art laboratories and...

Grindeks has reached record high turnover and profit in the first half of 2021

The sales of final dosage forms in the first half of 2021 totaled 109,5 million euros and compared to the first half of 2020 increased by 21.9 million euros.

Hanmi Science has completed the development of six types of raw materials for mRNA vaccines

Hanmi Science has formed a consortium with ST Pharm and GC Green Cross to secure and commercialize domestic mRNA vaccine technology by 2022.

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