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Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation M. Reshetnikov took part in the launch of a production line at the Biokhimik plant of the Promomed Group

Maxim Reshetnikov visited the Biokhimik plant as part of acquaintance with the participants of the national project «Increasing labor productivity and supporting employment» which Promomed was one of the first to join in 2018 to optimize production processes at the Biokhimik plant. The project is supervised by the First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Andrey Belousov.

The Minister of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov, accompanied by Acting Head of the Republic of Mordovia Artem Zdunov, the team from the Federal Center of Competence headed by Nikolai Solomon, and the Chairman of Promomed’s Board of Directors Petr Bely went visited production site, observing the entire cycle of drug creation – from the preparation of pharmaceutical substances to labeling and packaging.

Nikolai Solomon, the FCC General Director, comments:

As a result of joint work with FCC experts, the enterprises in Mordovia participating in the national project received enough experience to replicate our practices on their own. When looking at the average values of the key production indicators based on the results of projects, one can conclude that FCC experts increase the production at the pilot site by more than 50% and reduce the process time and work in progress by 40%. The human resource is the main one for targeted support for enterprises. The leading national experts in the development of production systems stand side by side with the local employees. This is how they pass on their skills to them, training them to look for losses and increase production efficiency on their own.

According to the results of the first stage of participation in the «Labor productivity» project the Promomed Group managed to double the production of finished pharmaceutical products in ampoules up to 180 million units per year at the Biokhimik plant. Until 2025 the company is planning to increasing the production of all dosage forms by several times and make significant investments in expansion and modernization of production.

Petr Bely summed up:

We have solid plans to expand the enterprise, develop and update the drug portfolio. We develop innovative drugs in the most critical areas of medicine: infection control, endocrinology, neurology, and more recently oncology. Our anti-COVID portfolio continues to grow; now in addition to the antiviral Areplivir and modern antibiotics, it includes, for example, anticoagulant Enoparin. The implementation of these plans requires a significant increase in plant capacity and the introduction of optimal processes. FCC’s lean production methods turned out to be extremely useful for us, so we will continue to use the experience gained by developing the plant and research laboratories.


Petr Bely shared his impressions:

The Minister’s attention to details, interest, and deep understanding of the significance of developments and technologies at an innovative enterprise such as Biokhimik suggests that the Government is seriously concerned with issues of national drug safety and is ready to support domestic companies in their ambitions to achieve a breakthrough growth.

Maxim Reshetnikov, addressing the staff of the company, said:

You are really doing important work – you are helping to save lives. You have the great company and the team. Your development plans are ambitious. You have an instinct for innovations. I wish you strength and patience to make all your plans come true.




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