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Promomed Group received approval for the first drug in its portfolio for treatment of HIV infection

Ritonavir, used for the treatment of HIV infection and viral hepatitis C, received the marketing authorization certificate and became the first drug in the antiretroviral portfolio of the Promomed Group.

Ritonavir is an antiviral drug that disrupts the formation of viral proteins; the efficacy and safety of ritonavir has been well studied and proven in the combination therapy of HIV infection and viral hepatitis C. Thanks to the use of these antiviral treatment regimens, it became possible to suppress viral infection in the early stages, reduce the risk of HIV transmission to healthy people, eliminate the risk of developing cirrhosis of the liver and life-threatening complications, including liver cancer, thus helping to increase the life expectancy of patients and maintain its quality.

One of the most important strategic directions in the activities of Promomed Group, focused on solving significant medical problems, saving lives and significant improvement of the patients’ quality of life, is the development and production of drugs aimed at treating major critical diseases, including the human immunodeficiency virus.

Kira Zaslavskaya, director of new products at Promomed Group, commented,

The only way to stop the HIV epidemic in Russia is through the joint efforts of all market participants. Our company could not stand aside. Antiviral therapy is the key to the success of the treatment of patients with HIV infection, it helps to increase the duration and maintain the patients’ quality of life. The launch of this drug is only the first step of Promomed Group along the path of developing a line of drugs for the treatment of HIV.

Ritonavir will be available in 100 mg capsules to meet the required dosage regimens. The drug is on the list of vital and essential drugs.


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