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NUST MISIS scientists have created nanohybrids for targeted control of infection hotspots

Scientists claim the nanoparticles obtained can carry an increased antibiotic "load" and easily penetrate tissues from the bloodstream and back, ensuring continuous drug delivery to the site of infection.

Uzbekistan will recognize US and EU registered medical devices

Presidential Decree UP-No. 6221 of 5 May 2021 has introduced a registration recognition procedure for medical devices from June 1, 2021. Medical devices that have...

Serbia confirms high efficiency of Sputnik V vaccine

Serbia is the European leader in vaccination with 28% of its population fully vaccinated, which is twice the European average. The use of @sputnikvaccine, with its efficiency reaching 97.6%

Five steps to urgently advance COVID-19 vaccine equity

Manufacturers, governments, and non-governmental organizations must work together to take urgent steps to further address this inequity.

Chumakov Center to double production of CoviVac vaccine against coronavirus

The Chumakov Federal Scientific Center intends to double the production of the CoviVac vaccine against the coronavirus infection after it receives new equipment in June-July

RDIF and UNICEF agree to supply Sputnik V vaccine

Human Vaccine LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF, Russia’s sovereign wealth fund) announces the signing of an agreement...

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