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R-Pharm and Beijing Health Guard entered into collaboration agreements of a HPV vaccine

R-Pharm Group, a leader of the Russian healthcare market, and Beijing Health Guard Biotechnology, Inc., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of novel protein-based biologics against infectious diseases, today announced the companies have entered into collaboration agreements (the “Agreements” hereinafter) on the development and commercialization of a nonavalent HPV vaccine in Russia. The agreements provide for the conduct of phase III clinical trials and registration of the nonavalent HPV vaccine in Russia, as well as localization of production of ready-to-use dosage form at R-Pharm’s facility in Yaroslavl for commercial supply of the vaccine in Russia.

To date, two HPV vaccines have been registered in Russia, i.e. the tetravalent and the bivalent, which protect against infections with four and two HPV strains, respectively. The nonavalent HPV vaccine developed by Beijing Health Guard includes as antigens non-infectious virus-like particles of seven high-risk HPV types and two low-risk HPV types that combined are responsible for ~90% of cervical cancer cases worldwide. Moreover, E.coli is employed for the production of the nonavalent HPV vaccine, versus eukaryotic expression systems for the commercially available HPV vaccines on the Russian market, which means the nonavalent vaccine can be manufactured with ease, at scale and low cost, and thus will benefit the Russian healthcare system and people in terms of affordability and accessibility. The Government of the Russian Federation in March 2021 included HPV vaccine in the state strategy for the development of immunoprophylaxis against infectious diseases for the period up to the year 2035. It also plans to introduce HPV vaccines into the National Immunization Schedule in 2024.

Mr. Vasily Ignatiev, CEO of R-Pharm Group, encouraged the execution of these socially important Agreements:

In Russia, cervical cancer remains a real problem, thus, it is especially important for us to provide health care system and citizens with the most modern and effective products to prevent oncological diseases caused by HPV. Development of the nonavalent vaccine is a significant step in HPV prevention, and together with our partner Beijing Health Guard we are delighted to make it available for Russian people.

“This Collaboration amounts to an incredible synergy of technology and market between Beijing Health Guard and R-Pharm, which is also an innovation as regards the model for collaborations between businesses in the Russian and Chinese pharmaceutical industries,” said Mr. Chunli Hao, Chairman of the Board of Beijing Health Guard. “We wish for a broader partnership with R-Pharm in the future in the vaccine field in the hope of contributing to the development and prosperity of the Russian public health sector. We also believe this in turn will drive further exchange and cooperation across the Chinese and Russian pharmaceutical industries, enriching the strategic partnership and neighborliness between the two countries.”

An online ceremony to celebrate the signing of the Agreements by R-Pharm CEO Mr. Vasily Ignatiev and Chairman of the Board of Beijing Health Guard Mr. Chunli Hao was conducted via Zoom. The two leaders reinforced the commitments of both companies to develop and commercialize the nonavalent HPV vaccine in Russia to help prevent HPV infections and associated diseases, especially cervical cancer in Russian females. As per the Agreements, R-Pharm will be responsible for the clinical development and commercialization of the nonavalent HPV vaccine in Russia.

In September 2019 at the Eastern Economic Forum, R-Pharm Group and Beijing Health Guard signed a letter of intent concerning the development and commercialization in Russia of the nonavalent HPV vaccine that laid the foundation for the negotiation and execution of these Agreements.


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