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Biokhimik JSC of Promomed Group and Mordovia State University agreed on further cooperation

At the meeting of the management of Biokhimik JSC with Acting Rector of the Ogarev Mordovia State University Dmitry Glushko and the scientific community the issues have been discussed concerning the implementation of joint projects in the field of development, analysis, clinical and preclinical studies of innovative drugs and training for the pharmaceutical industry.

Executive Director of Biokhimik JSC Dmitry Zemskov noted the importance of productive collaboration with Mordovia State University. The speaker said,

We want to expand our cooperation. The portfolio of our drugs is constantly increasing: a product line for cancer treatment is at late stages, the antiviral program is developing. Together with the university, we are conducting research on the development of new types of antibiotics. It is important for us to develop a biotechnological cluster. This topic is very relevant now, because it is biotechnology combined with classical chemistry that is a step into the future.

The Ogarev Mordovia State University has a powerful scientific base for organizing all types of research, from the synthesis of molecules to conducting full-scale clinical trials of medicines. Biokhimik is interested in cooperation with university scientists, exchange of experience and localization on the basis of the university of research works needed by Biokhimik, organization of short-term training programs and advisory support for employees of the plant.

For many years, Promomed Group has been a strategic partner of the university in training professional personnel for the pharmaceutical industry, investing in the development of scientific and technical base and training students who may become employees of Biokhimik in the future.


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