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Taiwan OBI Pharma enters license agreement with China Odeon Therapeutics

OBI Pharma, Inc. and Odeon Therapeutic, the biopharma companies, have entered into an exclusive license agreement whereby OBI grants rights of OBI-999, a novel antibody-drug conjugate, and OBI-833, a therapeutic cancer vaccine, targeting the tumor antigen Globo H in ChinaHong Kong, and Macau to Odeon.

OBI-999 is a novel first-in-class Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) with a proprietary linker technology that provides a consistent Drug-to-Antibody ratio (DAR) for cancer treatment targeting Globo H. OBI-999 uses a Globo H antibody to target cancer cells of high Globo H expression. By releasing a small molecule chemotherapeutic drug through the specificity of the antibody, it directly deploys cytotoxic therapy at the targeted cancer cells.
OBI-833 is a novel cancer active immunotherapy targeting tumors with high Globo H expression. It consists of a synthetic Globo H antigen combined with a recombinant CRM 197 protein.

Under the terms of the agreement, OBI will grant Odeon exclusive rights to develop, register, and commercialize OBI-999 and OBI-833 for human cancer therapy in China, Hong Kong, and Macao. Odeon will issue to OBI fully paid equity equivalent to US$ 12 million upon signing. OBI is eligible for development and commercialization milestones totaling up to US$ 188 million. The company is also eligible to receive tiered double-digit royalties on net sales. Odeon will also be responsible for all development costs and all subsequent regulatory and commercialization costs of OBI-999 and OBI-833 in China, Hong Kong, and Macao.

Tim Xiao, Chief Executive Officer of Odeon Therapeutics, said:

As a first-in-class ADC product targeting Globo H, OBI-999 has recently completed its Phase 1 study, showing excellent safety and PK profile. OBI-833 has also demonstrated great potential to become a differentiated immune-oncology therapeutic vaccine by activating the human immune system against the tumor antigen Globo H. We look forward to working closely with OBI to bring these new treatment options to patients in China.

Kevin Poulos, Chief Commercial Officer OBI Pharma, stated:

We are excited to announce the license agreement which enables Odeon to develop, register and commercialize novel 1st-in-class anti-Globo H targeted Oncology therapeutics, OBI-999 and OBI-833 in China, Hong Kong and Macau. We look forward to partnering with Odeon to advance OBI-999 and OBI-833 to clinical development in the near future and potentially provide alternative novel options for cancer patients.


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