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A major pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly suspends Russia investments, will continue sale of essential drugs

US drugmaker Eli Lilly is scaling back business in Russia, but still pledge to continue supplying critical medicines.

Lilly said it will send medicines for urgent medical conditions such as cancer and diabetes. It is suspending sales of what it called “non-essential medicines” as well as all investments and promotions. It also will not start any new clinical trials there.

Lilly said in a statement.:

We have an ethical and moral obligation to help alleviate human suffering and to protect the lives of patients.

In a post titled “Lilly and Lilly Foundation Provide support for People in Ukraine” on its website, Lilly said any profit from continued sales in Russia will be donated to organizations dedicated to humanitarian relief.

It was also previously stated that, Pfizer Inc and Bayer would maintain humanitarian supply of medicines to Russia, but would pull back from other non-essential spending in the country.


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