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Russian Health Ministry permits Biocad to conduct clinical trials of new COVID vaccine

Russian Health Ministry issued permission to the Biocad biological technology company to carry out clinical trials of a new coronavirus vaccine, the state drug registry indicates.

According to the registry, the clinical trials aim to “assess the safety and the immunogenic efficiency of a recombinant vector vaccine, based on AAV5-RBS-D, for prevention of COVID-19.”

The state registry notes that the trials will last until late 2026 and will involve 360 patients. The vaccine will be administered via an intramuscular injection.

The St.-Petersburg based company Biocad develops and produces generic and original drugs for treatment of autoimmune and genetic diseases, such as cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis and others.

Technological platforms

At BIOCAD, we aspire to deliver the next generation of medicines to patients with the most serious health issues. To maximize the chances of success, the research is split across three diverse platforms specializing in different types of drug candidates: monoclonal antibodies, small molecules and gene therapies. Within each of these platforms, all stages of development are carried out, from target search and candidate selection to pilot clinical trials.


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