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PROMOMED obtained permission to produce drug product for diabetes mellitus Kvinsenta with semaglutide

The Russian government has published an order authorizing PROMOMED GROUP to use inventions protected by patents of the Danish company Novo Nordisk related to a drug product with semaglutide for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. PROMOMED has developed and produces Kvinsenta (semaglutide), used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus, including in patients with obesity and overweight or cardiovascular diseases.

A medicine based on semaglutide can be called the gold standard for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. It is important that this advanced therapy is now available to all patients who need such a drug: PROMOMED has already introduced Kvinsenta into circulation and more than 120 thousand packages have been shipped. PROMOMED has sufficient production facilities and reserves of Kvinsenta to fully meet the annual needs of patients in Russia. Moreover, manufacturing capacities of the Group allow it to supply Kvincenta to foreign markets.

It should be noted that the decision taken is important, as it is aimed at helping patients in need of life-saving therapy and supports the country’s national pharmaceutical security strategy.


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