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GEROPHARM brings back Ozempic® with a new name: Semavic®

To expand on the news about GEROPHARM’s release of Semavic®, the company has introduced Semavic® as a domestic analogue to Ozempic®, responding to the cessation of Ozempic® imports from Denmark to Russia.

Semavic® is now available in Russian pharmacies and will be accessible under preferential schemes for diabetes patients. GEROPHARM asserts its manufacturing capacity is adequate to meet demands and promises a lower price point than foreign analogues.

Additionally, the company is exploring legal avenues to distribute Semavic® internationally, aiming to satisfy global demand for semaglutide-based treatments. This information is based on GEROPHARM’s press release.

Ozempic® (semaglutide) is a medication for type 2 diabetes that improves blood sugar control. Administered weekly, it stimulates insulin production and reduces sugar release from the liver. Ozempic® also slows stomach emptying, which can help reduce appetite and aid in weight loss.


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