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Eleven children receive first dose of Sputnik V in Moscow

The first group of eleven children have been inoculated with the first dose of a coronavirus vaccine, Dr. Ismail Osmanov, chief pediatrician of Moscow’s health department and chief physician of the Bashlyayeva children’s hospital, said on Tuesday.

Today, we inoculated eleven children. Another group will be vaccinated next. In all, fifty people will be inoculated at the [Bashlyayeva children’s] hospital, he said in an interview with the Rossiya-24 television channel.

“In all, it is planned to involve 100 children [in clinical trials of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine,” he said, adding that 50 children would be inoculated at his hospital and 50 more children would be vaccinated at the Morozov children’s hospital.

All the children [who received the first shot of Sputnik V] are feeling well. No complications, either local or general, which, by the way, may be triggered by any vaccine, have been recorded. <…> The children will be under close medical supervision for at least 48 hours and later will be released from hospital, he noted.

After the first and second shots of the vaccine, the teenagers will stay in hospital, in an isolated ward, for three days. Later, they will have to visit the hospital at intervals to undergo tests. They will keep self-observation diaries in a special mobile app and doctors will monitor their condition by telephone.

According to Deputy Mayor of Moscow Anastasia Rakova, the trials involve teenagers who have not had COVID, who have no contraindications to the vaccine or any other medical problems.


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