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Vladimir Shipkov: Foreign pharmaceutical companies continue to supply medicines to Russia

Foreign pharmaceutical companies continue to work in Russia and supply medicines to the Russian market, Executive Director of the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM) Vladimir Shipkov said on Monday.

He said:

Reaffirming its responsibility to the Russian healthcare system and patients, the industry, represented by at least 60 members of our association, continues to operate in Russia, ensuring the supply of medicines and even increasing volumes if needed or if demand rises.

Despite the current difficulties, international pharmaceutical companies confirm their determination to continue supplying medicines to Russia, Shipkov added.

Russian Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko said earlier on Monday that the department does not create obstacles for the return of foreign pharmaceutical companies to conduct clinical trials of drugs in the country and welcomes such decisions. “We do not create and do not see any obstacles for them. We welcome such decisions,” he said.

First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Vasily Osmakov recalled that most foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers have suspended clinical trials in Russia.



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