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The plant of Nanolek is about to launch production of the third Covivac vaccine

On May 25, a delegation headed by Igor Vladimirovich Vasiliev, Governor of the Kirov Region, Vladimir Petrovich Sysolyatin, Acting Minister of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade of the Kirov Region, Alexey Vodovozov, a scientific journalist, medical blogger and a general practitioner, Svetlana Zanko, Head of the Atomic Energy Information Center, visited the cutting-edge and state-of-the-art plant of Nanolek in the Kirov region.

Danail Donchev, Head of the biopharmaceutical facility, conducted a biotechnological plant tour and showed the production of COVID vaccines.

Danail Donchev:

This summer, we are planning to launch the production of the third COVID vaccine (CoviVac). We expect to invest RUB 40 million in technology transfer and scaling and have planned to produce 5 million doses by the end of the year. Currently, CoviVac is filled in a test mode. Nanolek uses a traditional technology to produce this vaccine containing an inactivated virus that cannot cause a disease and triggers a potent immune response.

Igor Vasiliev, Governor of the Kirov Region:

We have a unique situation here in Russia because we have different vaccine options, unlike in other countries. We were the first to create a vaccine globally and maintain our own production facilities.

Alexey Vodovozov:

I very often hear from people: “I think COVID is not going to hit me.” We should make an effort to eradicate such wrongful concepts in Russians’ minds. I myself have come successfully through COVID-19 a month ago, and I know that no one is immune to this disease. As far as vaccines are concerned, it is like a seat belt in a car. In a car crash, it may of course harm your body, but it will definitely save your life.

We would like to remind you that in March 2021 Nanolek joined the efforts of various expert teams to find ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19: During a press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov announced that Nanolek was chosen as an industrial partner for the production of CoviVac vaccines (developed by the Chumakov Research Institute).


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