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The combination of AstraZeneca and Sputnik Light vaccines in Azerbaijan shows strong neutralizing antibodies growth

R-Pharm Group, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and AstraZeneca announce preliminary virus neutralizing activity results of combined use of the AstraZeneca vaccine (developed...

R-Pharm earned runner-up in BRICS Solutions Awards 2021

R-Pharm`s project on the development of olokizumab has been declared as the Runner-up in the category “Good Health and Well Being” of the BRICS...

R-Pharm and Frontier Biotech will provide Russia with a new drug for the treatment of HIV

Aikening™ is a new fusion inhibitor. It is the first and only long-acting injectable (as IV infusion QW) available as a dual therapy for treatment-experienced patients with HIV-1 replication.

COVID-19 pathogenetic treatment is approved as an additional indication for olokizumab

Approval for a new indication will help healthcare professionals make streamlined decisions to administer preemptive anticytokine therapy.

R-Pharm announces the signing of a distribution agreement with PHC Europe B.V.

Etten-Leur, Tokyo, Moscow, June 9, 2021. R-Pharm Group announces the signing of a distribution agreement with PHC Europe B.V., one of the largest suppliers...

R-Pharm and Beijing Health Guard entered into collaboration agreements of a HPV vaccine

The agreements provide for the conduct of phase III clinical trials and registration of the nonavalent HPV vaccine in Russia.

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