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Biogen withdraws application for Alzheimer’s disease drug in Europe

Biogen Inc. has notified the European Medicines Agency (EMA) of its decision to withdraw its Marketing Authorization Application (MAA) for aducanumab for the treatment...

US FDA approves donepezil transdermal patch for treatment of Alzheimer disease

Corium, Inc., a commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company leading the development and commercialization of novel central nervous system (CNS) therapies, announced on Monday the U.S. Food...

Roche teams up with research institutions for new Alzheimer’s trial

Roche announced a new Phase III Alzheimer’s disease prevention trial SKYLINE with gantenerumab, an investigational anti-amyloid antibody that is administered subcutaneously. Roche intends to...

A simple eye test may identify risk of Alzheimer’s in middle age

A simple eye test may make diagnosing the earliest stages of ‘diseases of old age’ possible when people are much younger, University of Otago...

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