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“Russian Big Pharma must do a 180 degree turn in its way of thinking” Vikram Punia says

A plenary session where Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade, and Mikhail Murashko, Minister of Health, participated focused on the issue of “Future Pandemics: New Reality For The Industry, Regulators And Business”. The key topic to discuss was Pharma-2030 Strategy the implementation of which will define the industry landscape in ten years.

Vikram Punia, a plenary session speaker, defined the agenda from the business:

We should lay a course to innovatiPharmaons by developing our own R&D centers. We can use an example of the innovative economic model of South Korea that invests 100 billion dollars in innovations annually. Speaking about the Russian industry, the Pharmasyntez Group of Companies invested 20 billion rubles in the pharmaceutical industry over the past three years.

The Company head also noted that at the moment the industry lacks bioreactors to produce the vaccine substance in sufficient volumes.


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