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No deaths linked to EpiVacCorona vaccine registered in Russia

No deaths related to the EpiVacCorona anti-coronavirus vaccine have been registered in Russia so far, the Vektor Center that developed the vaccine told TASS on Saturday.

No deaths linked to administering the EpiVacCorona vaccine have been registered,” the organization said in a statement.

EpiVacCorona is a single-dose synthetic peptide vaccine against COVID-19 developed by the Vector State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology. It became the second vaccine against the coronavirus infection certified in Russia. The jab was registered in October 2020. According to the data provided by the Vector center, more than 1 mln people have been vaccinated with EpiVacCorona.

EpiVacCorona (Russian: ЭпиВакКорона, tr. EpiVakKorona) is a peptide-based vaccine against COVID-19 developed by the VECTOR center of Virology. It consists of three chemically synthesized peptides (short fragments of a viral spike protein) that are conjugated to a large carrier protein. This protein is a fusion product of a viral nucleocapsid protein and a bacterial MBP protein.


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