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Dmitry Zaytsev has been named Chief Executive Officer of JSC “Pharmstandard”

JSC “Pharmstandard” informs about the change to the membership of the Company’s management and the appointment of Dmitry Ivanovich Zaytsev as Chief Executive Officer.

Potapov Grigory Alexandrovich decided to develop his career in another business area and on May 15, 2023, left the position of CEO of JSC “Pharmstandard” by his own volition.

On May 16, 2023, Zaytsev Dmitry Ivanovich was named CEO of JSC “Pharmstandard”.

In the Company, he held the position of Deputy CEO for Intellectual Property and at various times was a member of the Management Board of JSC “Pharmstandard”.

With this appointment, the Company seeks to ensure full succession and to guarantee the continuity of operational processes and the implementation of strategic initiatives.


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