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Antitrust watchdog sets maximum selling price for 50 doses of CoviVac vaccine at $297

FAS has agreed on the maximum selling price for a new package of the CoviVac vaccine. The new form of vaccine release contains 50 doses.

FAS initiated a case in the ALV supply market

The FAS Russia has initiated an antimonopoly case against Hamilton Medical AG on the grounds of coordinating the actions of the manufacturer's official distributors.

FAS fined Bayer for improper advertising

The FAS Russia imposed an administrative fine of 200 thousand rubles on Bayer JSC for improper advertising of the medicine Teraflex Hondrokrem Forte.

Appeal supported FAS in case of orthopedic products cartel

The FAS Russia has sent the case materials to law enforcements for making a decision on initiating criminal cases against company officials.

Media allegations on the rise in medicine prices are manipulative

To date, the FAS Russia has already set 61 new economically reasonable prices for 22 medicines, ensuring their presence in the market.

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