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Chumakov Center plans to double CoviVac production in October, says director general

The Chumakov Center plans to double the production of the CoviVac whole-virion vaccine against the coronavirus to 2.5 mln doses per month in October...

Russian Chumakov Center discusses CoviVac vaccine’s approval in Asia and US

"We have just launched the third phase of clinical trials, therefore, it is too early to talk about the drug’s registration abroad," the Russian expert said.

Antitrust watchdog sets maximum selling price for 50 doses of CoviVac vaccine at $297

FAS has agreed on the maximum selling price for a new package of the CoviVac vaccine. The new form of vaccine release contains 50 doses.

Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation issues permit for post-registration trials of CoviVac

The Russian Health Ministry has issued a permit to conduct the post-registration clinical trials of the CoviVac shot against the coronavirus infection with the...

Chumakov Center to double production of CoviVac vaccine against coronavirus

The Chumakov Federal Scientific Center intends to double the production of the CoviVac vaccine against the coronavirus infection after it receives new equipment in June-July

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