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ChemRar Group announces the Russian Avifavir® drug is effective against variants of COVID-19, including Delta and Omicron

ChemRar Group announces the Russian Avifavir® (INN: favipiravir) drug is effective against various variants of SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus), including Delta and Omicron, as it affects...

Avifavir® for the treatment of COVID-19 is rated among Russia’s TOP 100 Inventions

Avifavir® became the world’s first approved favipiravir-based drug for COVID-19 infection treatment and the first drug against COVID-19 authorized in Russia.

Leading infectious disease experts in Russia recognized the efficacy of Avifavir

Professor A.V. Devyatkin noted the efficacy of Avifavir® in the combined treatment of patients with COVID-19.

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