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Russian ministers visit Pharmasintez production site

Within the framework of business trip of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin to Irkutsk region the heads of Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation visited Pharmasintez plant.

During the excursions the heads of the ministries were shown the new production shop № 5 where the wide range drugs for treatment of infectious diseases are produced and the production of antiviral drugs at the sterile dosage forms section, where among others the drug Remdeform (Remdesivir), used for treatment of new coronavirus infection, is produced.

At new manufacturing department No. 5 launched in early 2021 there are productions lines for manufacture of both solid and injection dosage forms. The site possesses one of the most high-capacity production lines in Russia for manufacture of lyophilized products.

Grace to its high capacity equipment, the new department can produce up to 4 million tablets, 72 million vials of solutions and concentrates, and over 8 million vials of lyophilized products per year.

In general, in 2020 the share of the Pharmasyntez Group of Companies in the hospital procurements segment reached 7.3% in terms of volume, according to analytical agencies data.

During his visit, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov noted the rapid growth of the company’s production capacity.

COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that it is crucial to have a domestic manufacture of major drug substances for the drugs that people need on a daily basis. We need to increase manufacture of high quality and efficient drugs for the treatment of COVID-19, tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, hepatitis, and other serious diseases. Pharmasyntez has all the technological capabilities to do it. At the Irkutsk plant, the company has managed to promptly launch a manufacture of such anti-COVID drugs as Remdesivir and Favipiravir that are now supplied to all healthcare institutions of Russia, the minister said.

During his visit to the plant Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko praised the importance of the pharmaceutical campaign:

“Pharmasintez” is a reliable partner of the health care system of the Russian Federation, promptly providing the domestic market with high-quality and effective medicines.

“Thanks to the launch of manufacturing department No. 5, we will increase a finished product output at the Irkutsk plant in 2021 by 20% as compared with the previous year. The most up-to-date equipment is installed at the department which allows us to manufacture high quality drugs and to expand the range of drug products for years to come,” Olga Galkina, JSC Pharmasyntez Vice President for Manufacturing, noted.

Vikram Punia, President of the Pharmasyntez Group of Companies, said at the meeting that the company would hold the course on the development and manufacture of innovative drugs in the next five years.


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