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NANOLEK began industrial production of the CoviVac vaccine

Chumakov Center receives about 150 requests for CoviVac supplies from different countries

NANOLEK announced the launch of industrial production of CoviVac. Investments in this project amounted to 40 million rubles, the company said. The manufacturer plans to release 250 thousand doses by the end of 2021 (2 doses are required to vaccinate one person), and then reach a capacity of 1 million doses per month.

The Chumakov Federal Scientific Center for Research and Development of Immune and Biological Products of the Russian Academy of Sciences has received about 150 requests for deliveries of the CoviVac vaccine against coronavirus, the Center’s Director Aydar Ishmukhametov said after the official launch of the vaccine’s production at the Nanolek factory in the Kirov Region:

As for the export. I have about one hundred and fifty requests. The situation was difficult worldwide, simply nobody had a vaccine. Now the situation is changing but in any case the epidemic may take on a seasonal nature, the annual support for immunity [will be needed] and here we have a lot of work to do [on vaccine production] both for our population and for other countries.

He did not specify any dates or volumes of export deliveries. He noted:

Everything will be determined by our capabilities, our joint work with Nanolek, the course of the disease in the country.


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