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Gustave Roussy and Anju Software to Accelerate Complex Oncology Clinical Studies

Anju Software announced that Gustave Roussy, one of the top five cancer research centers in the world and Europe’s top-ranked hospital for oncology research, has renewed its agreement to use the company’s TrialMaster Electronic Data Capture (EDC) solution. Gustave Roussy has utilized TrialMaster successfully for the past five years to accelerate and drive oncology trial efficiencies across a myriad of clinical trial designs.

Under the agreement, Gustave Roussy continues to work with Anju Software to advance its cancer clinical research leveraging the TrialMaster electronic data capture and clinical study data management platform. TrialMaster’s benefits for Gustave-Roussy include flexibility and scalability supporting evolving clinical study designs such as umbrella, basket, and other platform trials.

Stefan Michiels, Head of Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Gustave Roussy, said:

The Anju TrialMaster EDC system has been pivotal to the expansion of our clinical work these past five years and is ideally suited to the complexities and risks of investigating new oncology compounds. We look forward to our continued collaboration with Anju as the TrialMaster platform technology develops further to meet the changing needs and requirements of cancer clinical research.

TrialMaster EDC is the most intuitive EDC Suite on the market — delivering superior usability and flexibility. This innovative software platform is a comprehensive EDC solution for Phase I-IV clinical trials — improving efficiencies and reducing workflow while enhancing data quality, resulting in faster study submission times.

Rohit Mistry, Senior Vice President, EMEA, said:

It has been an honor for us to work with Gustave Roussy these past few years and witness TrialMaster’s impact on driving cancer research programs that deliver innovative, new treatment options for the challenging needs of these patient populations. We are delighted to continue this vital work with our Gustave Roussy partners. Their confidence in Anju and TrialMaster validate our work and strengthen our commitment to delivering superior service for the benefit of cancer patients around the world.


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