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Flu Research Institute finishes pre-clinical tests of its COVID-19 vaccine

The Russian health ministry’s Smorodintsev Flu Research Institute has finished pre-clinical tests of its own coronavirus vaccine and plans to begin trials on volunteers by the yearend, the institute’s director, Dmitry Lioznov, told a news conference on Monday.

We have finished pre-clinical tests and are filing documents for the approval of the coronavirus vaccine’s clinical trials. We expect that this vaccine will protect against both the coronavirus infection and type A influenza. Such research is going on and I hope if everything is all right, we will begin clinical tests of this vaccine before the New Year, he said.

The institute told TASS earlier that its specialists were working on a coronavirus vaccine on the basis of the flu virus. A weakened flu virus will be used as a vector to deliver coronavirus proteins and prompt an immune response. The conserved part of the virus will be used to enter cells. The vaccine will be in the form of nasal drops or a spray.


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